FE 3000 Series 300LBS

Heavy Duty channel extension ladder for all industrial application, Full channel nonconductive side rails. Set ladder at the proper working angle.

Round Fully Serrated Tempered RungsM

Rungs are directly riveted on the side rails.

Easy locking system

Rope Operated

Safety Shoes

Thick Rubber Shoe

Full Channel Fiberglass Channel


SizeRail DepthTotal Ht.Approx Inside widthApprox Outside Width

ModelTotal LengthLength of SectionExten. HeightApprox. Wt.Approx. Cube.
FE 321616'8'13'237.58'
FE 322020'10'17'239.54'
FE 322424'12'21'2811.34'
FE 322828'14'25'3213.26'
FE 323232'16'29'3615.12'
FE 323636'18'32'4017.01'
FE 324040'20'35'4518.90'