Fiberglass Luminaries

Sumip luminaries are available in totally enclosed GRP housing suitable for use in non hazardous, dusty, humid & corrosive atmosphere prevailing in Chemical, Fertilizer, Cement, Rayon Plants, and also Industries/Power Plants located in coastal areas.

  • Construction
    The luminaire housing is Hot Press Molded Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).
  • Glass
    Wellglass - Heat resistance glass is provided with synthetic rubber gasket.
    Highbay/ Mediumbay - Teflon glass with rubber gasket provided.
  • Retaining frame/ Wire guard
    Strong stainless steel wire guard is provided to hold & protect the well glass.
  • Holder
    Ceramic ES or BC lamp holders are provided as per customer requirement of high grade quality.
  • Ballast & Igniter & Capacitor
    For Integral type luminaries Heavy Duty Copper Wound Ballast, Capacitor & Igniter where ever applicable, are fitted right above the lamp holder assembly.
  • Entries
    One no 3/4" BS conduit entry is provided for incoming cable with Brass/ Polyamide cable Gland with check nut.
  • Hardware
    All hardware provided are SS 316.
  • Suspension
    FRP Coated Eye Bolt is provided on top with good quality grommet to absorb the vibration. Alternatively SS 316 Clamps can also be provided.

Current product range of manufacture of luminaries

WellglassIntegral SFWI000SERIES
Non Integral SFW1000SERIES
HighbayIntegral SFHBI2100SERIES
Non Integral SFHB2100SERIES
MediumbayIntegral SFMBI2100SERIES
Non Integral SFMB2100SERIES
Street LightIntegrated SFSI1000 SERIES

Street Light Luminaire

  • Street Light aluminum Luminaries has cast aluminum base with hinged fiberglass casing provided with polycarbonate glass & high grade inbuilt reflector.
  • The enclosure opening is such that it makes pole fastening system, wiring plate & lamp compartment easily accessible.
  • To minimize installation & maintenance time the enclosure can be opened by just turning one knob without need of any tools.
  • For maintenance the wiring plate is completely removable simply by disconnecting two electric connectors & loosening 3 screws.