FP 1000 Series 300LBS

Fiberglass platform ladder designed for prolong standing at one height. Nonconductive fiberglass rail with fully serrated aluminum step & platform.

Slip Resistant Platform

Large fully serrated platform 15" wide 20" deep, it locks ladder.

Heavy Gusset Bracing

Two pairs of gusset support at the bottom step. All gussets are heavy duty steel.

Slip Resistant Rubber Feet

Aluminum feet with thick rubber tread.

Top Rail Guard

To serve as a railing for working from platform.

Full Channel of Fiberglass Rail.

Sumip ModelSizeStep widthApprox. SpreadWidthApprox. Wt.Approx. Cube
FP 10033FT3"30"22"103.65'
FP 10044FT3"38"23.5"125.06'
FP 10033FT3"30"22"103.65'
FP 10044FT3"38"23.5"125.06'
FP 10055FT3"43"25"146.56'
FP 10066FT3"50"26.5"168.15'
FP 10088FT3"62"29.5"2211.62'
FP 101010FT4"75"32"2915.31'
FP 101212FT4"88"35"3419.50'
FP 101414FT4"100"38"3923.5'
FP 101616FT4"114.5"40.5"4530.5'